Highlights of School Board Meeting

March 29, 2005

"I will say this about being an optimist even when things don't turn out well, you are certain they will get better." Frank Hughes

Logan High School basketball coach Jeff Brimhall introduced Brok Nelson. Brok was recently selected for 4-A All-State recognition. He was also named Most Valuable Player for the Herald Journal All-Valley Team. Coach Brimhall said it has been a great honor to see Brok receive these awards. He is a great example, a good leader, and has been one of the most dedicated players Coach Brimhall has ever seen. Brok told board members he has had a lot of good people influence him including his grandpa and uncle who were also all-state players. He thanked his coach and team mates and said without them he could not have the success he has had. Principal Patt Hansen said Brok is not only a great athlete but is also one of the nicest boys at Logan High School. She thanked his mother, who was in attendance, and paid tribute to Coach Brimhall and Brok for the great basketball season. President Redd presented Brok with a certificate of congratulations from the Board. She also presented Coach Brimhall with a certificate congratulating him and the Logan High School Basketball Team for their outstanding year. Coach Brimhall thanked the Board for their support and presented each member with a small plaque containing a piece of the net from the region championship game.

Principal Dave Welch introduced Diane Iverson who was selected as Bridger Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Diane has taught in the Logan City School District for ten years and currently teaches second grade. Principal Welch said Diane is an excellent teacher and they are very fortunate to have her. She is well prepared, organized, creative, and on the cutting edge of teaching the literacy model. Diane does a good job using technology in her classroom and uses a lot of hands-on activities with her students. Principal Welch introduced Nancy Griffin as Bridger Elementary School's Classified/Support Employee of the Year. Nancy is the school secretary and does a fantastic job. Principal Welch said she is very organized and has a calming influence which has helped immensely in easing students, parents, and staff into a new school. He thanked Diane and Nancy for the great contribution they are to Bridger. President Redd presented them each with a certificate of congratulations from the Board of Education along with a certificate for dinner at a local restaurant.

To satisfy one of the standards for the Comprehensive Guidance Program Counselors from Mount Logan Middle School, Logan High School, and South Campus presented information about the programs at their schools for Board approval. Teri Painter discussed what the counselors are doing to promote parent participation in SEOP's at the Mount Logan Middle School. She described the procedure used for fifth grade registration and told board members how counselors, teachers, and administrators work to transition students to the middle school setting. Clint Fullmer talked about Comprehensive Guidance at Logan High School and distributed data about their program. He said the Freshman Block, initiated this year, has been very successful in helping students at risk. The Freshman Block is a group of core classes taught the full school year by excellent teachers and the purpose of the program is to give students continuity and the extra help they need to succeed in the high school setting. He reviewed registration procedures and explained how they combine this with SEOP visits since it is a great way to reach parents and students. Teri and Clint thanked Stuart Howell for his support in helping them implement programs to improve Comprehensive Guidance. Amber Carlston, counselor at South Campus, explained this is the first year there has been a full time counselor at the school and said it has been a challenge. She said the school is scheduled to undergo a Comprehensive Guidance Review April 18. Everyone at the school is working to prepare documentation for this review because it is a good way for them to assess their program. Principal Elaine Wilcox explained that they have their most success holding SEOP meetings in conjuction with parent nights. The Board approved the Comprehensive Guidance Program report for all three schools.

Principal Elaine Wilcox, teacher Harvey Neuber, and counselor Amber Carlston presented information about "Performance Plus." "Performance Plus" is a system of competency based education where emphasis is on what the students learn or know rather than on what classes they sit through. This system is motivation dependant. For some students it works very well and some, who are way behind, struggle a bit more. This program more effectively meets the needs of individuals and allows them to move at their own pace. Principal Wilcox said that exceptional students can move through high school at a faster pace where challenged students can get the help they need and move through at a slower pace. Amber described how the students meet with her and Principal Wilcox to determine what they need to do to graduate and said that each student carries a card listing his/her exact requirements. Board members asked questions about the program and expressed concern about students who are struggling with reading. Principal Wilcox reported they have hired a couple of tutors and also have volunteers to help and said this is very valuable especially with ESL students. She said they especially appreciate multilingual volunteers to help tutor.

The Board approved the recommendation from the selection committee and Superintendent Richard Jensen that Mike Monson be hired to fill the position of Personnel Director. The position will become vacant the end of June when Myra Lynch retires. Superintendent Jensen praised Mrs. Lynch saying she is very knowledgeable, a great asset to the District, and will be sorely missed. Mr. Monson has worked 26 years as an educator and brings to the table those skills and abilities necessary to be a successful personnel director. He began his career teaching at Granger High School in West Valley City. His experience also includes teaching and coaching for the Department of Defense in Japan, England, and Germany. He was an Assistant Principal at Mount Logan Middle School for eight years and is currently an Assistant Principal at Logan High School. Mr. Monson introduced his wife Chris and also his mother-in-law. He said it is very humbling and exciting to have the opportunity to work with the people in Logan City School District. He acknowledged the influence Principal Dan Johnson and Principal Patt Hansen have had on his life and said he looks forward to the challenge of this new experience and vowed to do his best.

President Redd announced there will be a Board Work Session on Tuesday, April 12. This will be part of the regularly scheduled Board Meeting and no action will take place. Board Work Sessions will also be held June 28th and July 12th.

Superintendent Richard Jensen told board members that each year the Utah State Office of Education gives awards for excellence in financial reporting. He said that 11 districts were recognized this year and Logan City School District was one of them. He publicly acknowledged Business Administrator Paul Jensen for the excellent way he works to handle state and federal funds that come our way. He also thanked the business office and District Administrators for their frugal handling of funds. Superintendent Jensen reported a furnace motor went out at Woodruff Elementary School triggering a switch that set off a fire alarm. This happened on Monday, near the end of the school day and during a heavy rainstorm. It was uncomfortable for students and teachers, however the situation was handled very appropriately. Superintendent Jensen reported the motor was repaired and complimented the principal and all involved for the organized way they handled the events of the day.

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