Policies and Procedures

Advertising Policy (KJ)

Age for School Entrance (JEB)

Attendance Areas (JC)

Attendance Exemptions (JEG)

Attendance/Compulsory (JEA)

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (GBEA/JHCC)

Child Abuse and Neglect (JHE)

Clubs - Policy on Authorization of Student Clubs and Organizations (JFJ)

Complaints and Grievances Hearing Procedure - Elementary/Secondary Schools (JFA)

Confidentiality and Disclosure of Student Education Records (JO)

Conflicts of Interest/Employment (GBCA)

Core Curriculum/High School (IKF)

Corporal Punishment Policy (JGA)

Discrimination and Harassment (ACA)

Dress Code/Guidelines for Personal Appearance (JFCA)

Drug and Alcohol Free Schools (JFCH)

Early Graduation Option (IKFA)

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (JOA)

Fixed Assets Policy (DID)

Granting Graduation Credit (IKFC)

Guardianship and Transfer Policy (JEC)

Hiring Criteria (GCD)

HIV Positive Student or School Employee Policy (GBEB/JHCE)

Immunization Policy (JHCB)

Interscholastic Activities (LGA)

Length of School Year and Day (IC)

Nondiscrimination (AC)

Parent Involvement Policy (KMAA)

Payroll (DAB)

Records Management Policy (GBL)

Safe Schools Policy (JFC)

Safe Schools Policy for Employees (GBED)

School District Legal Status (AA)

Student Accounting (JEE)

Student Fees (JN)

Supplementary Materials and Reconsideration Policy (IIAB)

Textbook Adoption (IIAA)

Title IX Compliance (ACB)

Veterans and Veterans Hiring Preference Policy (GBAA)

Video Materials Policy (IIADA)

Work-Based Learning Policy (IHAQ/JO)