SAGE Q & A (Subject Specific)


Q:  What is the estimated time for the Reading Portion?

  • Reading, Listening, and Language will be approximately 90 minutes for all grades 3rd through 11th.


Q:  What is the estimated time for the Writing Portion?

  • The writing portion is new for FY 2014.  It will be approximately 60 minutes for grades 3 through 5 and 90 minutes for grades 6 through 11.

Q:  Does the writing portion have to be completed in one sitting?

  • SAGE writing can be paused and resumed another day; it does NOT have to be completed in one sitting like DWA.

Q:  There are 2 passages that students will read and have a written response for.  Will the screen reader read these passages, or is this considered to be a comprehension passage, therefore, the screen reader will not read it to the students?

  • Text-to-Speech will be available for all sections of the summative assessment, for items where it does not violate the construct.  The writing items will have text-to-speech for the texts and prompt provided.

Q:  Are students allowed to look up words in dictionaries during the writing test?

  • No.  It is unethical to allow students to use unauthorized resources to find answers, including dictionaries, thesauruses, mathematics tables, online references, etc.


Q:  Where do we access the instructions for using the SAGE Summative Calculators?

  • The SAGE portal ( now includes instructions for accessing and using the calculator(s) that will be available to students during SAGE Summative testing.  Please see "SAGE Calculators Manual" at:

Q:  May I give my students a Math Reference Sheet?