TitleEmployee TravelNumber220
Section200 FinanceApproval DateFebruary 24, 2015
Subsection220 TravelEffective DateFebruary 24, 2015

1. PURPOSE: To establish procedures for authorization of travel by District employees who may be required to travel in fulfilling their official duties or in attending seminars, conferences or other professional or educational activities benefitting the District.
2.1 www.gsa.gov
2.2 https://fleet.utah.gov/state-travel-a/in-state-per-diem-rates-1/
2.3 Per Diem Worksheet
2.4 Travel Form
2.5 Expense Voucher
3.1 GSA: General Services Administration
3.2 Gov: Government
4.1 The District will follow GSA rates for per diem and the Utah Gov website for mileage.
5.1 Travel
5.1.A All travel requests will be submitted on the District travel form to the Superintendent's office with the employee and supervisors signature.
5.1.B Once the request is approved by the Superintendent the form will be sent back to the school to make the travel arrangements.
5.2 Mileage
5.2.A Employees are encouraged to take a district vehicle if it is available.
5.2.B If a district vehicle is not available or if it does not meet an employee's specific physical or workrelated needs (with prior supervisor's approval), they may take their personal vehicle and will be reimbursed according to the rate established on the Utah Gov website.
5.2.C If a district vehicle is available and an employee chooses to take their personal vehicle they will be reimbursed as stated on the Utah Gov website.
5.2.D Employees may not take families in district vehicles without prior approval from the Superintendent.
5.2.E A district employee who intends to take their family must take their personal vehicle and will be reimbursed as stated on the Utah Gov website.
5.2.F If an employee would rather drive than fly they will be reimbursed either the cost of airfare or mileage, whichever is less, at a rate based on whether they take their personal vehicle or a district vehicle based on availability, as stated on the Utah Gov website.
5.2.G Employees must submit mileage reimbursement requests on an expense voucher to Accounts Payable and will be calculated from the employees place of employment to the location of the conference or training and back to the employees place of employment, not residence.
5.3 Per Diem
5.3.A Employees will be paid per diem according to amounts by location on the GSA website.
5.3.B Employees must fill out the per diem worksheet signed by their supervisor and attach a conference brochure showing dates and meals provided at the conference.
5.3.C Meals provided at conferences or trainings are not reimbursed.
5.3.D The per diem worksheet has a breakdown of meals and incidentals based on leave times.