Section200 FinanceApproval DateJanuary 10, 2017
Subsection270 Community SupportEffective DateJanuary 10, 2017

1.1 The Logan City School District Board of Education recognizes that a positive, mutually cooperative relationship between the Logan City School District and private enterprise is beneficial to the education of students within the district.
1.2 This policy provides a framework for advertising that promotes products or services to students, staff, parents and community at school-related activities, within school and district print, electronic and digital communications, and on district properties.
2.1 Utah Code Ann. 63G-6a-101 et seq.- State procurement law
2.2 Utah Administrative Rule R277-107 - Educational Services Outside of Educator's Regular Employment.
3.1 Advertising: print, electronic or digital communication practices by a commercial or nonprofit agency or organization aimed at persuading audiences to purchase products and/or services, or adopt a particular point of view.
3.1.a Advertising includes, but is not limited to text and images placed in district publications, exclusive agreements or contracts, sponsorship of school programs, fundraising and incentive programs, appropriation of space on school district property and facilities and sponsorship of supplemental educational materials.
3.2 Commercial organization: a corporation or an association dedicated to using their skills and resources with the intent of generating a financial profit for themselves.
3.3 Non-profit organization: A corporation or an association that has a 501(C)3 designation, and conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive.
4.1 The district's name and schools' names, facilities, staff, students, or any part of the school district shall not be used for advertising or promoting the interests of a commercial or nonprofit agency or organization except as set forth below.
5.1 Any individual, business, or organization desiring to conduct advertising on district property must first secure written approval from either the building principal, district Business Administrator, or Foundation Director.
5.2 Approved advertising at the district level or individual school level shall not be considered an endorsement of the business, organization, or product.
5.3 The District shall not approve advertising of products or activities that are prohibited for sale or use by minors pursuant to state law, such as tobacco and alcoholic products, or other substances and products which might endanger the health or well-being of students.
5.4 The Board of Education permits advertising in printed programs for athletic events, posters, calendars, newspapers, yearbooks, or other similar publications.
5.4.A Guidelines will be established by the school principal and approved by the Superintendent, according to the circumstances and needs of the school within the parameters of this policy.
5.5 Businesses may donate products that carry the name of the company on the product, e.g., cups, soft drinks, T-shirts, hats, etc., during a school fund-raising activity if there is no obligation or cost to the students, patrons, or school for advertising purposes.
5.5.A Materials to be donated must be approved by the school principal in advance and must conform to established policy.
5.6 District employees:
5.6.A May participate in a private but public education-related activity, such as extracurricular travel, academic tutoring, etc.
5.6.B Must ensure that personal participation in activities is separate and distinguishable from the employee's public employment, official job title, or job duties.
5.6.C May not contact students in the District using education records or information obtained through public employment unless the records or information are available to the general public.
5.6.D May not use school time to discuss, promote, or prepare for a private or non-school-sponsored activity.
5.6.E May offer public education-related services, programs, or activities to students, provided they are not advertised or promoted during school time or using any type or amount of school resources.
5.6.F May use school or student publications available to the general public to advertise and promote the private or non-school-sponsored activity.
5.6.G May procure advertising space to promote private or non-school-sponsored events in the same manner as the general public.
5.6.G.1 May use their district employment and experience to demonstrate qualifications.
5.6.G.2 Advertisements must specifically state that the activity is not school-sponsored.
5.7 All written advertising distributed in schools shall follow the District flyer distribution guidelines and review process.