TitleStudent Travel and Field TripsNumber441
Section400 Instructional ProgramsApproval DateMay 9, 2017
Subsection440 Supplemental ProgramsEffective DateMay 10, 2017

1.1 To establish procedures for the authorization of travel by district students including school-based fieldtrips, UHSAA approved competitive events, and student travel to state and national competitions and conferences.
2.1 UHSAA Handbook-150 Mile Contest Approval Procedure, Catastrophic Insurance Procedure
2.2 State Risk Management: Large capacity passenger vehicle safety protocols.
3.1 UHSAA: Utah High School Activities Association
3.2 Field Trip: An excursion off the school grounds with the purpose of reinforcing concepts directly
3.3 tied to curricular goals.
3.4 Student Travel: Excursions off the school grounds that may be tied to the curriculum, or to approved extra-curricular activities; all out of state excursions are considered "travel" instead of "field trips."
3.5 Competitive qualifying process: A process in which a student or team competes against opponents, and through winning the competition, qualifies for competition at a national level.
4.1 Student travel and field trips can be part of the total educational program by serving as an extension of the classroom in providing a variety of civic, cultural, community, athletic, and business experiences.
4.2 Meaningful travel and field trip experiences must be directly related to established curricular or extra-curricular goals.
4.3. Field trip costs are generally covered by the school and any costs to students are subject to fee waivers.
4.4 Travel costs are covered by individual students, fundraising, or sponsors and are not subject to fee waivers.
5.1 Board of Education Approval
5.1.A The Board shall approve all out of state trips and any travel to non-region Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) events or other activities over 150 miles (one-way).
5.1.B Student planning, preparation, and fundraising should not begin before Board approval is given.
5.2 School Principal Approval of Student Travel and Field Trips
5.2.A Principals shall be responsible for coordinating the development of student activity and travel plans according to the following criteria:
5.2.A.1 All travel requests will be submitted using the Student Travel Request and Arrangement form.
5.2.A.2 Whenever possible, student activities shall be scheduled in close proximity to the local school and the need for long distance or overnight travel avoided.
5.2.A.3 Overnight travel shall not be included as part of the elementary school educational program; learning experiences away from the local school shall be provided by field trips during the school day.
5.2.A.4 Overnight travel may be part of the educational program for middle and high school students when the travel is for an activity sponsored by the Utah High School Activities Association, a state or nationally affiliated educational organization, or an approved school program.
5.2.A.5 Overnight travel may be part of the educational program for high school students when the anticipated educational benefits warrant the required expenditures, comparable experiences are not available at the local school, and the travel costs will not burden families unduly.
5.2.A.6 Schools shall abide by the regulations governing intrastate competitions outlined in the Utah High School Activities Association bylaws and handbook.
5.2.A.7 Supervision for student travel must be provided at a minimum ratio of one (1) responsible adult per fifteen (15) students; chaperones shall consist of at least one district employee.
5.2.A.8 District trip and medical release forms, including waivers of liability, must be signed by a parent or legal guardian before a student is allowed to participate in the proposed field trips or other travel opportunity.
5.3 Funding of Student Travel and Field Trips
5.3.A All expenses associated with student travel must be paid by the participants themselves, covered by fund raising, or financed by vocational or other state or federal monies provided expressly for the activity.
5.3.A.1 The district will pay the costs of faculty chaperones for travel to national competitions that are reached through a competitive qualifying process.
5.3.A.1.a The district will pay for faculty chaperones in order to provide the established minimum chaperone student ratio of 1:15.
5.3.A.1.b The faculty chaperones must be Logan City School District employees.
5.3.A.2 School student body funds may not be used.
5.3.A.3 All funds must be received prior to travel or expenditure of funds for such travel.
5.3.B Fee waiver provisions shall be in force for any field trip activity.
5.3.B.1 No student may be excluded from participation in any field trip activity because of inability to pay for the cost of the trip.
5.3.B.1.a Opportunities for fund raising activities may be offered to subsidize the cost.
5.3.C Fundraising for student travel and field trips must be done in accordance with district policy #271 "Fundraising"
5.4 Transportation for Student Travel and Field Trips
5.4.A Transportation shall be by commercial carrier or by district transportation services for all overnight travel.
5.4.A.1 No private aircraft may be used for student travel.
5.4.A.2 Only commercial carriers licensed to operate in Utah shall be used.
5.4.B Ground transportation guidelines are as follows:
5.4.B.1 District or commercial bus transportation, with a professional operator, are the preferred methods of transporting students.
5.4.B.2 District vans may be used for smaller student groups as long as the distance traveled is less than
150 miles one-way.
5.4.B.3 Use of private vehicles for school-related travel is strongly discouraged.
5.4.B.3.a If a private vehicle is used for student travel, the driver must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older and be free of convictions for alcohol or other substance abuse violations, and must complete the School District's Vehicle Owner/Driver Waiver of Liability form (Disclaimer).
5.4.B.3.a.1 The form must be filed with the school's administration in advance.
5.4.B.3.a.2 The driver is required to complete the State Risk Management defensive driver training.
5.4.B.3.b Upon the request of the parent/guardian, a student under age twenty-one (21) and at least sixteen (16) years of age or older, who chooses to use a private vehicle for travel to/from school activities must complete the following: the Passenger Waiver of Liability form, disclaimers contained within the School District Activity Release Form, obtain signatures by both the drive and each passenger(s) of the vehicle, and have the form signed by parent/guardian.
5.4.B.3.b.1 This policy does not apply to travel by students to/from school from their homes.
5.4.B.3.c The driver/owner of the private vehicle must ensure the vehicle is covered by liability insurance and has passed the state-required safety inspection.
5.4.B.3.c.1 The driver of the private vehicle and all passengers must complete the Waiver of Liability Form, which must be on file in advance.
5.4.B.4.d Parents or legal guardians wishing to transport their own children, with the approval of the administration and/or the team coach/adviser, will not be under the jurisdiction or liability of the District.
5.4.C Use of private vehicles for school field trips is prohibited.
5.5 Requests for Travel and Field Trips
5.5.A The building administrator must approve all requests for travel and field trips.
5.5.B Requests for travel that require Board approval shall be:
5.5.B.1 Approved and screened by the building administrator before submission to the Superintendent.
5.5.B.2 Submitted using the Student Travel Request and Arrangement form, signed by the building principal (may not be a designee).
5.5.B.3 Submitted to the Superintendent by April 1 of the current school year.
5.5.B.3.a If a student travel opportunity that was not presented to the Board in April becomes available over the course of the school year, it must be submitted to the Superintendent's office at least forty-five (45) days prior to the proposed trip.
5.5.B.3.b Exceptions may be granted to an individual student or group of students if winning at the local, state, or national level provides an invitation to compete at the next level of competition sponsored by the same organization or entity.
5.5.B.4 Presented to the Board, by the Superintendent, for its final approval.
5.6 Parental Notice and Approval
5.6.A After a travel request is approved by the building administrator or the Board, a meeting shall be held at the school for parents of potential student participants.
5.6.B The principal or student advisor shall review the proposed travel itinerary, anticipated per student costs, and fund raising options.
5.6.C Parents shall be given the opportunity to give feedback on the proposed travel plan.
5.7 No Penalties
5.7.A Students who, for any reason, do not participate in activity travel shall not be penalized.
5.7.B Nonparticipation shall not impact grades or the student's status in the class or organization.
5.8 Student Insurance
5.8 Insurance coverage for children participating in field trip and travel experiences shall be assumed by the parents.
5.9 Policies Regarding Staff Conduct
5.9 District policies and procedures that relate to staff, students, volunteers, and chaperones will be in force for the duration of all travel and field trip activities.
5.10 Privately Sponsored Tours
5.10.A Employees affiliated with private tour agencies are prohibited from using:
5.10.A.1 Class time for soliciting tour participation, thereby using students as a captive audience.
5.10.A.2 Education records or information obtained through employment with the District unless the records have been made available to the general public.
5.10.A.3 School facilities, digital networks, supplies, and equipment for the purpose of advertising privately sponsored tours.
5.10.B. School employees may:
5.10.B.1 Use directories that are available to the general public (i.e. high school phone directories distributed to the general public) to identify prospective clients.
5.10.B.2 Purchase advertising space to advertise an activity in a publication that accepts advertising, including a school newspaper.
5.10.C Any advertisement shall state clearly that the activity is not sponsored by the school or the District.
5.10.D Tour agencies may rent building space in accordance with district policy.