TitleParental Rights in EducationNumber611
Section600 Community RelationsApproval DateSeptember 23, 2014
Subsection610 ParentsEffective DateSeptember 23, 2014

1.1To specify parents' and guardians' rights regarding their children who attend Logan City Schools and to provide a notice of these rights.
2.1Utah Code Ann. §53A-15-1501(2)(a) and (b) -Parental Rights
2.2Utah Code Ann. §53A-11-9 School Discipline and Conduct Plans
3.1Parents: the parents or legal guardians of a student.
3.2Reasonably accommodate: enabling parents to exercise their rights without substantial negative impact to school staff, resources, and other students.
4.1Parents have the right to reasonable academic accommodations for their students enrolled in Logan City School District schools if those accommodations do not substantially impact staff and resources.
4.1.ASchools will consider each accommodation on an individual basis.
4.1.BSchools will consider all students equally in granting accommodations.
4.2Parents Rights include:
4.2.AHaving a student retained based on the student's academic ability or the student's social, emotional, or physical maturity, pursuant to a written request.
4.2.BExcusing their child from school attendance for a family event, pursuant to appropriate notification to the school;
4.2.CExcusing their child from attendance for a visit to a health care provider without requiring a note from the provider;
4.2.DPlacing their student in a specialized class or advanced course, based on multiple academic points;
4.2.ERequesting a specific teacher for their student;
4.2.FRequesting a change of teacher for their student;
4.2.GVisiting and observing any class their student attends;
4.2.HMeeting with a teacher at a mutually agreeable time, other than regular parent/teacher conferences.
4.2.IRequesting that their student be allowed to earn course credit towards graduation without taking a course by demonstrating competency in course standards or testing out of the course;
4.2.JExcusing a student from taking a statewide or NAEP test;
4.2.KExercising other rights that may be available to parents.
4.3Schools may deny a request for accommodation that substantially impacts:
4.3.AStaff and resources;
4.3.BAcademics or behavior in a classroom;
4.3.CTeachers' workload & employee working conditions;
4.3.DEfficient operation of a school;
4.3.EEducational needs of other students;
4.3.FSafety and supervision on school premises and activities.
5.1Parents have the right to have reasonable accommodations for their students following school procedures for requesting those rights.
5.1.AParents will provide written requests to:
5.1.A.1Retain their student based on their child's academic ability or social, emotional, or physical maturity.
5.1.A.2Place a student in a specialized class or advanced course.
5.1.A.3Excuse a student from taking a statewide or NAEP test.
5.1.BParents will follow the procedure outlined in a school's student handbook to:
5.1.B.1Excuse a student from attendance for a family event or a visit to a health care provider;
5.1.B.2Initially request a teacher;
5.1.B.3Request a change of teacher;
5.1.B.4Visit or observe any class their student attends;
5.1.B.5Request a student earn course credit towards graduation without the course by testing out of the course, or demonstrating competency in course standards.
5.2Notice to Parents and Students
5.2.AThe accompanying policy serves as notice to parents of their rights.
5.2.BDistrict schools will distribute the district's Conduct and Discipline Policy and their school's rules of conduct to students, including students enrolled for the first time.
5.2.CParents will be notified and provided with an opportunity to acknowledge receipt of each school's rules of conduct and the District Discipline and Conduct Policy.
5.2.DSchools will notify a parent of a student's violation of the school's rules of conduct or the District Discipline and Conduct Policy and allow a parent to respond to the notice.