Title Firearms Safety Courses in Schools Number625
Section600 Community Relations Approval DateJune 15, 2015
Subsection620 SafetyEffective DateJuly 1, 2015

1.1The purpose of this policy is to designate who may provide firearm safety training for adults, students, or both in district schools and on district property; to have a process for review of materials that may be used under the school district's authority to teach firearm safety; and to provide guidelines for voluntary firearm safety training of district employees, school community members, or both on district property.
2.1Utah Constitution Article X, Sec 3
2.2Utah Code Ann. § 53A-1-401(3)
2.3Utah Code Ann. § 53A-13-106(5)
2.4Utah Board of Education Rule 277-611
3.1Certified Volunteer: an individual who volunteers to teach school district employees or students about firearm safety, who has provided documentation of training from designated training entities prior to providing firearm safety instruction on district property.
3.2Firearm safety education classes: courses taught by certified volunteers during the regular school day or outside of the regular school day as determined by the Board of Education.
4.1The District will follow Utah State Board of Education rule that clarifies that only volunteers who have been certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification can legally teach firearm safety courses on district property.
4.2The Board of Education shall determine whether any firearm safety courses are allowed on district property and what materials, if any, may be used for such courses.
5.1Any firearms safety course that is approved by the Board of Education shall be taught by a volunteer on the list of certified firearms instructors kept by Cache County and available through the Utah Department of Public Safety.
5.2Volunteers shall provide documentation of required training to the Superintendent or designee prior to any training being approved.
5.3The Superintendent or designee shall notify the Board of Education of any request for use of district property to conduct firearm training.
5.4The Superintendent or designee must attest that all provisions of Utah State Board of Education rule are adhered to in the request and implementation of training.
5.5Board of Education approval is required for any materials used in firearms safety training.
5.6Board of Education approval is required to determine the dates and times of any firearm safety education classes conducted on district property.
5.7Any community group that receives approval to do firearm safety training on district property must adhere to the rental conditions set forth in the district rental policy.
5.8Live ammunition shall not be brought on school property as part of any firearms safety training.