Title Volunteer Responsibilities and Expectations Number641
Section600 Community Relations Approval DateNovember 15, 2016
Subsection640 VolunteersEffective DateNovember 15, 2016

1.1To outline the responsibilities and expectations for those serving as volunteers in the District.
1.2School volunteers are an important part of the educational team and make a significant difference in the lives of students.
2.1Utah Code Ann. §63G-8 -Immunity for persons performing voluntary services.
2.2Utah Code Ann. §63-20-Volunteer Government Workers Act
2.3Utah Administrative Code R37-1-Risk Management
3.1Volunteer: any person who donates services without pay or other compensation except expenses actually and reasonable incurred as approved by the supervising agency but does not include any person participating in human subject research to the extent that the participation is governed by federal law or regulation, nor does it include compensatory service workers.
3.2Background check: the process of looking up and compiling criminal records of an individual.
3.3Reference check: the process of contacting former employers, to determine whether the volunteer candidate had any employment action or discipline taken against him/her for the physical or sexual abuse of a child.
4.1Responsibilities and Expectations
4.1.AVolunteers shall:
4.1.A.1Have the approval of the school administrator to perform volunteer services under the supervision of an assigned district employee.
4.1.A.2Submit to a criminal background check if they will be given significant unsupervised access to students in connection with their volunteer assignment.
4.1.A.3Be the subject of a reference check if they will be given significant unsupervised access to students in connection with their volunteer assignment.
4.1.A.4Be screened against the sexual offender database, regardless of assignment.
4.1.A.5Follow the direction of the district employee to whom they have been assigned and conform to all applicable laws, rules, and policies.
4.1.A.5.aKeep student information confidential in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
4.1.A.5.bMaintain strict neutrality regarding religion while performing volunteer services for the school in accordance with the district's Recognizing Religious Freedoms in School Policy.
4.1.A.5.cFollow all criteria established in the district's Student Travel and Field Trip Policy, if asked to transport students during school approved events.
4.1.BServing as a volunteer in the educational setting is not an entitlement and schools are not required to utilize volunteer services.
4.1.B.1The opportunity to volunteer may be denied or terminated by school administration where services are not longer needed or where the presence of the volunteer may be disruptive to the educational environment.
4.1.CFailure to follow the direction of a supervisor or to follow applicable laws, rules, and policies may give rise to terminating the volunteer from service.
4.2Immunity from Liability and Worker's Compensation
4.2.AVolunteers performing volunteer services as directed by and under the supervision of a district employee shall be immune from liability with respect to such decisions or actions, other than in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle, unless it is established that such decisions or actions were grossly negligent, not made in good faith, or were made maliciously.
4.2.BA volunteer is considered a government employee for purposes of receiving workers' compensation medical benefits, which shall be the exclusive remedy for all injuries and occupational diseases as provided by law.
5.1Volunteers will complete the Logan City School District Agreement for Voluntary Services before volunteering in district schools.