Title Rental of District Facilities Number721
Section700 Support ServicesApproval DateMay 26, 2009
Subsection720 FacilitiesEffective DateMay 26, 2009

To provide guidelines for the management and control of district buildings and grounds for use as civic center thereby providing opportunities for citizens to participate in educational, civic, and recreational activities
2.1Utah Code 53A-3-413 Use of School Buildings and Grounds as Civic Centers.
2.2Utah Code 53A-3-414 Local School Boards' Responsibility for School Buildings and Grounds when Used as Civic Centers.
2.3Utah Code 26-38 The Clean Air Act
2.4Utah Code 53A-3-501 Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages at school or school sponsored activities.
3.1Schools as Civic Centers: all public school buildings and grounds are considered civic centers by state law and have a multi-purpose function to meet the needs of the community for public meetings, sporting events, theater, concerts, presentations, and similar events.
3.2District rental designee: person appointed by the Superintendent to coordinate public use of district school buildings.
3.3District Recognized Parent Organization: an organization that has received official recognition by the District.
3.4Community School: classes conducted in the schools for the benefit of individuals and groups by providing formal and informal methods of instruction that enhance academic learning and social development.
3.5Public Supported Institution of Learning: an institution of higher learning that is predominantly supported through public funds.
3.6Interlocal Agreement: an agreement between the Logan City School District and other public agencies for the express purpose of cooperatively sharing resources for mutual benefit.
3.7Charitable Groups: government recognized community organizations such as service clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, United Way, or other organizations whose purposes are charitable, or philanthropic.
3.8Non-Profit Organization: an organization with a tax exempt IRS number whose purpose is to provide a program or service that is not otherwise provided by local, state, or federal entities.
3.9Commercial Use: organizations or individuals whose motive is to make a profit including; events for which admission is charged, items sold, or teachers are providing private instruction for a fee such as music, physical education, and art that are not run through the community school program.
4.1School facilities are available for public use for educational, cultural, recreational, or community activities unless they negatively impact regular school programs, both during or after regular school hours.
4.2The Board of Education establishes and periodically reviews fees charged for facility use.
4.3Authorized school personnel must supervise use of all facilities, grounds, and equipment.
4.4The District strictly monitors and enforces Utah State Law which prohibits use of alcohol or tobacco in/on public school facilities and grounds.
4.5The District reserves the right to evaluate and approve or deny any or all requests that are not in the best interest of the school district.
4.6The District ensures that every effort is made to conserve energy and evaluates potential renters accordingly.
4.7Conditions, decisions, or interpretation of this policy may be appealed to the director over facilities.
5.1Facilities Available for Use/Rent include:
5.1.ABand, choral, and orchestra rooms, regular classrooms, auditoriums, little theaters, cafeterias, and elementary lunchrooms/multipurpose rooms.
5.1.BGymnasiums when adequate protection of the gym floor and participants is assured by the renter.
5.1.CSchool fields when approved by the school administrator.
5.1.DKitchens when district kitchen staff is present and the renter pays the additional personnel charge.
5.2Facilities Not Available for Use/Rent include:
5.2.AHome economics, science, art, and computer labs, shops, and media centers.
5.2.BUse of these facilities is managed under the community school umbrella.
5.3Rental Fees
5.3.AThe District charges for the use of facilities as outlined in the Rental Fee Schedule.
5.3.BRenters using buildings on weekends, school holidays, or during the summer may incur additional charges for energy consumption and personnel.
5.3.CUsers are charged according to the Rental Fee Schedule applicable to the users rental status:
5.3.C.1District Sponsored Programs
5.3.C.1.aDistrict schools are granted use of facilities for school related activities as long as the activity does not disrupt the functions of the host school and the visiting school reimburses any costs incurred by the host school.
5.3.C.1.bSchool clubs, teams, or programs that are involved in fund raising, concessions, or similar activities are reviewed on a case by case basis and are not automatically considered a district sponsored program that receives free use of facilities.
5.3.C.2Community School
5.3.C.2.aClasses conducted in schools for the benefit of students, such as private music lessons and tutoring, are operated through the community school program.
5.3.C.2.bAll classes not operated through the community school program are charged under the appropriate rental fee schedule according to the sponsoring organization or party's qualifications.
5.3.C.3Public Supported Institutions of Learning
5.3.C.3.aPublic supported institutions of learning including colleges and universities rent classrooms in the District through the director over facilities or the district rental designee.
5.3.C.3.bThe rate is set by negotiated contract.
5.3.C.3.cPrograms offered at the district's request are considered district supported programs and no rental fees are charged.
5.3.C.3.c.1Any costs incurred by the host school must be reimbursed by the district department sponsoring the program.
5.3.C.4.Interlocal Agreement Use
5.3.C.4.aInterlocal agreements negotiated by the Superintendent or the superintendent's designee supersede this procedure.
5.3.C.4.bAny use by a city or county for programs or activities beyond those outlined in the applicable interlocal agreements are subject to non-profit rates.
5.3.C.5Charitable and Non-Profit Use
5.3.C.5.aCharitable and non-profit rates apply to government recognized community organizations.
5.3.C.5.bPrincipals or building managers may grant limited free use to public service organizations who perform strictly public services when custodial and other services are not required beyond the regularly scheduled duty and when no additional school funds are used to subsidize these meetings and requests are for occasional use only.
5.3.C.6Other Use
5.3.C.6.aCurrent employees of the District may use a facility on a limited-use basis, with prior permission of the building administrator.
5.3.C.6.a.1The building administrator determines whether or not the District will incur an expense from the event and where appropriate, makes a referral to the district rental designee.
5.3.C.6.bLogan High School Class Reunions may be held at the high school at no charge to the graduating class organizers.
5.4Rental Application Process
5.4.AThe Renter:
5.4.A.1Completes the building rental agreement.
5.4.A.2Pays a 50% non-refundable deposit as part of the application process.
5.4.A.2.aThe deposit is applied toward the rental charge.
5.4.A.3Provides a certificate of insurance for liability and property damage before the event.
5.4.A.3.aEnsures the certificate is for one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence.
5.4.A.3.bMay request an exception from the certificate for nonprofit entities with District Risk Management.
5.4.A.3.cQualifies for an exemption from insurance if addressed under an interlocal agreement.
5.4.A.4Determines event opening and closing times.
5.4.A.4.aAcknowledges that closing time is the time when all persons associated with the rental have left the building and that the fee is increased if people linger in the building beyond the predetermined closing time.
5.4.A.4.bMust leave the building no later than 11:00 p.m. and all outdoor activities must end by 10:30 p.m.
5.4.A.5Requests additional staff as needed.
5.4.A.6Provides supervision to maintain order and prevent damage or loss of school property.
5.4.A.7Adheres to district standards of behavior prohibiting use of alcohol and tobacco as outlined in Utah State Law.
5.4.A.7aAcknowledges violation of any of these standards is grounds for termination of the rental agreement and the immediate removal of individuals associated with the rental.
5.4.A.7bForfeits all deposits and may be assessed additional charges for violation of standards
5.4.A.8Brings no outside properties into the building without prior approval from the building administrator or custodian.
5.4.A.8.aAttaches no signs, posters, properties, or other materials to facilities without prior approval.
5.4.BThe District Rental Designee:
5.4.B.1Ensures the completion of the building rental agreement by the renter.
5.4.B.2Establishes the renter's fee status on the Rental Fee Schedule.
5.4.B.3Determines, in consultation with the renter, the number and type of personnel required for a particular activity.
5.4.B.4Collects the rental deposit two weeks before the beginning of a rental.
5.4.B.5Verifies the renter's insurance coverage.
5.4.B.6Computes the rental time which is calculated from the requested opening time to lock-up.
5.4.B.6.aAdjusts the fee for additional time required by persons associated with the rental.
5.4.B.7Refers appeals to the above determinations to the director over facilities.
5.5Use of District Equipment
5.5.AEquipment, is not loaned or removed from buildings.
5.5.BThe building administrator principal or building manager establishes additional charges for school equipment (spot lights, projectors, televisions, microphones, etc.) and supplies used by the renter.
5.5.CEquipment is not used by employees, patrons, or private groups for personal gain or profit.
5.6Supervision by School Personnel
5.6.AGeneral supervision of the facility is assigned to a custodian, teacher, administrator, or other qualified staff member who is responsible for facility oversight during the rental period.
5.6.BBuildings are opened and secured at the end of a rental by a qualified staff member.
5.6.B.1Keys are not loaned and access codes are not given out to renters.
5.6.CBuildings are not left without facility supervision while occupied by a renter.
5.6.DAt least one custodian is on duty during a rental.
5.6.D.1Custodial services required for rentals cannot require the on duty custodian to be removed from regularly assigned responsibilities.
5.6.D.2Renters are charged additional fees if additional custodial services are required.
5.6.EGeneral supervision/security, beyond the custodian on duty, is required if the district rental designee or building administrator determines the rental activity requires such.
5.6.FAt least one stage technician is required for rental of the auditorium when using the sound system and/or special lighting.
5.6.GAt least one member of the kitchen staff is required for rental of the kitchen.
5.6.HWages for personnel providing supervision or other services in support of building rentals are paid in compliance with the applicable negotiated agreement.