Title Key Control Policy Number722
Section700 Support ServicesApproval DateNovember 17, 2009
Subsection720 FacilitiesEffective DateNovember 17, 2009

1.1To help protect the life, property, and security of Logan City School District facilities and all of their occupants.
3.1Key Control Authority: the individual or group having responsibility and jurisdiction for creating, enforcing and administering all key control policies and procedures
3.2Key Control Manager: The employee responsible for enforcing key control procedures, making keys, and installing and maintaining locks and cylinders.
4.1To provide security of district facilities and protect students, personnel, property, and equipment it is essential for the District to control access to its facilities.
4.2All keys remain the property of the Logan City School District.
4.3Keys are issued by:
4.3.AThe key control manager for the appropriate level of access.
4.3.BNeed not desire.
4.3.CDuration of need, not employment.
4.4The unauthorized possession, use, or reproduction of a key may constitute theft or misappropriation.
5.1The Superintendent appoints a Key Control Authority with power and authority to:
5.1.ADevelop procedures related to the district's key management system
5.1.BAppoint the key control manager to execute and enforce key control policies and procedures.
5.1.CFacilitate an effective method for issuing and collecting all keys
5.2The key control manager is responsible for making keys and installing and maintaining locks and cylinders.
5.3Issuing of Keys
5.3.AAll keys are properly authorized by signature before issuing, and are only issued by a building administrator or the district director over buildings.
5.3.BKeys are issued only to individuals with a legitimate need for keys.
5.4Returning Keys
5.4.A.All keys must be returned to the issuing building administrator by the key holder of record.
5.4.A.1Keys must be returned if:
5.2.A.1.aThe keys are no longer needed.
5.2.A.1.bEmployees are reassigned or no longer work in a building.
5.2.A.1.cA supervisor requests keys be returned.
5.2.A.1.dBuildings have been rekeyed.
5.2.BAll lost keys must be reported immediately to the building administrator and the key control manager.
5.2.CAll found keys must be returned to the building administrator who then notifies the key control manager.
5.3Yearly Key Report
5.3.AAt staff end of year check out, a building administrator will:
5.3.A.1Verify that employees are still in possession of all keys issued to them.
5.3.A.2Receive any keys:
5.3.A.2.aThat are no longer working or in use.
5.3.A.2.bFrom employees who are separating from employment.
5.4Keys for Rentals
5.4.ABuildings are opened and secured at the end of a rental by a qualified staff member.
5.4.B.Keys are not loaned and access codes are not given out to renters.
5.5.AThe key control manager must approve the installation of all locks on school district properties.
5.5.BPrivate locks may not be used on district facilities..
5.5.CNo district employee can authorize installation, removal, rekeying, or other altering of locks without permission from the key control manager.
5.5.C.1Schools are charged for unauthorized alterations of keys or locks.