Title Modification of Physical Facilities Number723
Section700 Support ServicesApproval DateAugust 23, 2016
Subsection720 FacilitiesEffective DateAugust 24, 2016

1.1This policy defines guidelines for modifying physical facilities of the district.
2.1International Fire Code, 2015 http://sfmd.az.gov/documents/2016/03/2015-ifc.pdf
3.1Physical facility: fixed physical features of a building that cannot be readily moved (i.e. walls, millwork, doors, etc)
3.2Modification: any action that changes the physical appearance or composition of a facility
3.3Removable items: items that can be moved without causing damage or modification to physical facilities
3.4Millwork: cabinets, chair rails, cupboards and other pieces of fixed furniture provided by the district
3.5Fixed technology: equipment that is purchased by the district and mounted to the facility, usually on the wall or ceiling, so it does not move from its location (i.e. mounted projectors, interactive whiteboards)
4.1Modifications to the physical facilities of the District (i.e. paint, millwork, flooring, light fixtures, etc) are generally not permitted.
4.1.AAny exceptions to this norm must be approved in advance by the building administrator, building head custodian, and district facilities manager.
4.2Use of removable items for decoration (poster, framed artwork, etc.) is encouraged.
4.2.ADecorations should be placed so they do not damage facilities and comply with fire safety provisions.
4.3Any furniture items provided by the employee must be approved by the building principal and head custodian.
4.4Windows, both in walls and doorways, may not be covered except by window coverings that have been approved by the district administration.
4.5Fixed technology may only be installed and moved by approved district personnel, after approval by the building or district administration.
4.6Technology assigned to a specific space should remain in that space unless arrangements are made with the building administrator and assigned computer technician.
5.1Employees wishing to modify a physical facility will submit a written request to the building administrator.
5.1.AThis may be done through email or a hard-copy request.
5.2The building administrator will consult with the building custodian regarding the proposed change.
5.2.AIf the building administrator and head custodian agree the change is inappropriate, the building administrator will notify the employee who submitted the request.
5.2.BIf the building administrator and head custodian agree the change is appropriate, the head custodian will forward the request on to the District Facilities Manager.
5.3The District Facilities Manager will review the request, including potential costs, and make final approval or rejection of the request.
5.3.AThe District Facilities Manager will communicate his decision to the building administrator, who will notify the building custodian and the employee who submitted the original request.