Title Child Nutrition Program Financial Rights & Responsibilities Number752
Section700 Support ServicesApproval DateJune 16, 2014
Subsection750 Student WelfareEffective DateJune 16, 2014

1.1To explain how the District and its schools will notify parents regarding; meal prices, payment methods, money owed for student meals, and procedures for providing meals if student accounts are delinquent.
2.1United States Code: (42 U.S.C. 1779, 10(1), 10(b))
2.2Utah State Board of Education Rule: R277-720
3.1Collection Efforts: the means that the District uses to collect delinquent lunch balances including, but not limited to, contacts to parents by phone, mail, or other efforts by the school or by a collection agency.
3.2Delinquent Account: a student meal account that does not have adequate fund to cover meal charges.
3.3Free Meal: a meal served to students whose parents have qualified, based on federal standards requiring income review and documentation, for free meals, which receive the highest federal rate of reimbursement.
3.4Parent: a student's parent, legal guardian, or person acting as the parent for school purposes.
3.5Paid Meal: a meal served to students whose parents have not qualified for reduced-price or free meals.
3.6Reduced Meal: a meal served to students whose parents have qualified, based on federal standards requiring income review and documentation, for reduced-price but not free meals.
4.1The District and its schools follow federal and state laws and guidelines for the Child Nutrition Program.
4.2The District shall annually send information to parents providing designated meal prices, qualification requirements for free/reduced price meals, payment options, and delinquent meal account procedures.
5.1The District annually sends information about the Child Nutrition Program to all students' households regarding meal prices, qualifying for free/reduced price meals, payment options, and delinquent meal accounts.
5.2The Board of Education sets student meal prices annually.
5.3Free/Reduced Price Application Forms
5.3.ADistrict and/or Schools shall provide applications and/or links to online applications for free/reduced-price meals to parents.
5.3.A.1District and Schools will provide paper applications for parents who do not have access to online forms.
5.3.BStudents qualifying for the Special Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Family Employment Program (FEP) or the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), also qualify for meals at no charge, once the school receives notice of qualification, and parents do not have to complete or submit a free/reduced-price form.
5.3.C.Schools will send households an email/letter informing parents of a student's eligibility status.
5.3.C.1Parents should contact Child Nutrition at the district office if the family has not received such a letter before school starts.
5.4Eligibility Verification and Payment Price
5.4.ASchools must verify at some point in each student's meal service, that the meal is reimbursable or non-reimbursable.
5.4.A.1Students/families qualifying for free meals have no payment due from date of approved application.
5.4.A.2Students/families qualifying for reduced-price meals are charged no more than $.40 for lunch or $.30 for breakfast.
5.4.BStudents/families not qualifying for free/reduced-price meals pay the price determined by the Board of Education.
5.5Schools provide parents with several payment options including:
5.5.AOnline payments using debit or credit cards for one or all of their students, allocating funds to individual student accounts.
5.5.BMail or hand delivery of checks, money orders, or cash to the school.
5.5.B.1Parents should clearly indicate the account(s) to which the funds should be credited.
5.6.Schools must credit meal payments from parents to students' accounts before the meal period.
5.6.ASchools will apply payments to the purchase of the current day's meal first and the payment of past due accounts second.
5.7Delinquent Accounts
5.7.ASchools will identify family or student accounts that do not have adequate balances to pay for student meals.
5.7.BSchools will contact parents, as parents have directed, on an automated system, by phone, text, email, or note home to allow parents to indicate how they wish to make payments.
5.7.CSchools may ask students to take home notifications addressed to parents.
5.7.DParents are responsible to fund student meal accounts.
5.8Schools may use any of the following options or other reasonable options for student meals if a student's meal account is inadequate:
5.8.AStudent may bring a sack meal from home.
5.8.BSchool staff may inform students in secondary school (grades 6-12) that students cannot chose a school meal because accounts are delinquent.
5.8.CThe District may send student meal accounts that are in the negative to a collection agency.
5.8.C.1The District will make two attempts in writing to parents before the negative balance is sent to a collection agency.