Title Adult Education Program Number791
Section700 Support ServicesApproval DateDecember 9, 2008
Subsection790 Adult EducationEffective DateDecember 9, 2008

1.1The philosophy of the Logan City Board of Education is that persons 18 years of age or over who have not graduated from high school, and other qualifying adults, should have the opportunity to further their education. The Adult Education Program provides the means for adults to improve their employability, knowledge, job skills, self-esteem, and/or receive a high school diploma.

2.1Core curriculum under R277-700.
2.2Administrative Rules R277-733.


4.1Adult education empowers individuals to become self-sufficient, with skills necessary for future employment and personal success.
4.2The intent of adult education within Logan City Adult Education is to provide programs that are strong in intensity and rigor, allowing for individualized instruction of all students at their academic, social, and emotional functioning level. Student success is a result of maintaining integrity in the quality of staff, programming, and community involvement.
4.3Logan City Adult Education adheres to the policy and directives of the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) and the Utah State Board of Education in fulfilling the above intent.

5.1.AAny adult resident of Cache County or any former Logan High School student, 18 years of age or older, who is not currently registered in a high school regular day time program, may be admitted to the adult high school completion program.
5.1.BSpecial cases of entry regarding students under 18 years of age are acted upon according to state and local guidelines and upon approval of an Adult High School Committee. The committee consists of the Adult Education Program Director, a counselor, high school administrator, and a representative of a local service agency. (Workforce Services, Youth-In-Custody, Rehabilitation Services, Office of Family Assistance, Higher Education, English Language Center, etc.)
5.1.CStudents must complete an application to enter the program. All students' application forms must be developed from a Student Educational Occupational Plan (SEOP). A certified counselor assists and assesses the needs of each student coming into the program. Student application forms must include a signed statement by students declaring their intent to complete requirements for a high school diploma or G.E.D. Equivalency Diploma.
5.1.DNo student is permitted to graduate from the program prior to his/her originally scheduled high school graduation date.
5.1.EPersons having demonstrated both presence and intent to reside within the State or Cache Valley proximity area of Idaho may enroll in the Adult High School with the assessment of the Adult High School Committee and upon receipt of the required credentials.
5.1.FClasses begin in September and run for three ten-week periods. Short vacation periods coinciding with the regular day school calendar apply to Adult Education Programs.
5.1.GLogan City Adult Education l maintains a written program plan that defines realistic, understandable, measurable, and achievable goals. The goals are to be reviewed and updated with the program's local advisory committee annually, at a minimum.
5.1.HLogan City Adult Education provides written program procedures for assuring the security of tests and student records. These records are maintained through UTOPIA Software Program and locked files.

5.2.AThe Logan City Adult Education Program shall offer courses consistent with the Core curriculum under R277-700.
5.2.BClasses are open ended (open entrance-exit). Students may enroll in classes at any time and exit when the requirements for that class or program are fulfilled.
5.2.CThe Adult High School participates with other agencies, institutions, and employers in providing opportunities for on-the-job training, work study, skill improvement, and other types of vocational training experiences that may help students achieve their goals and objectives.
5.2.DAssessments of program progress are monitored through pre/post testing of students upon entry and exit of program.
5.2.EThe Adult High School curriculum is determined by the Adult Education Committee with approval of the Board of Education.
5.2.FThe Core curriculum and teaching strategies may be modified or adjusted to meet the individual needs of the adult education student.
5.2.GCourse descriptions shall contain adult education mastery criteria and shall stress mastery of adult life skill course material consistent with Core objective standards and the Core curriculum.
5.2.HCourse content mastery shall be stressed rather than completion of predetermined seat time in a classroom.
5.2.IA student's IEP or adult education SEOP shall document the nature and extent of modifications, substitutions, or exemptions made to accommodate the student's disability(ies).

5.3Credit Requirements
5.3.AStudents must meet the following requirements to receive their high school diploma:

English 3.0 credits

Social Studies 2.5 credits

Math 2.0 credits

Science 2.0 credits

Fine Arts 1.5 credits

Health/Fitness 2.0 credits

CTE 1.0 credit

Information Technology .5 credit

General Financial Literacy .5 credit

Electives 9.0 credits Total 24.0 credits

5.3.BAdult education programs accept credits and grades awarded to students from other state recognized adult education programs, schools accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, or schools and programs approved by the Board without alteration.
5.3.CAny course that is approved by the Adult High School Curriculum Committee that is the same or similar to regular day program electives may be used for elective credits.
5.3.DDuplicate credit is not awarded.
5.3.ECredit is awarded upon meeting the requirements of the course as designed by the adult education teacher.
5.3.FAdult education programs may establish reasonable timelines and may require adequate and timely documentation of authenticity for credits and grades submitted from schools or private providers.
5.3.GA Logan City School district/ adult education program is the final decision-making authority for the awarding of credit and grades from non-accredited sources.

5.4.AThere is a yearly registration fee charged to properly enroll adult students who are working towards fulfilling the requirements for high school graduation. Non residents of the state shall be charged tuition at least equal to that charged non resident students for similar classes at the university unless waived in whole or in part by the local school board in an open meeting. (53A15-404).
5.4.BThe appropriate student fees and tuition shall be determined by the local school board.
5.4.CAdults who are or may attend adult education programs shall be given adequate notice of program tuition and fees through public posting. Any changed tuition or fees shall be set and reviewed annually.

5.5.AThe diploma awarded Adult High School students is same type as that given to regular day time graduates.

5.6Source of Credit
5.6.ACredit may be awarded by the Adult Education Committee to students properly enrolled from any of the following sources:
5.6.BTranscript of credit from a regular high school operated by the Logan City School District.
5.6.CTransfer of credit by official transcript from other accredited high schools, applied technology centers, or approved training programs.
5.6.DTransfer of credit from other adult high schools with approved programs.
5.6.ECorrespondence courses successfully completed by an accredited school of correspondence, college or university while in attendance in the Logan Adult Program.
5.6.FCollege or University
5.6.F.1One credit for each 5 quarter hours or 1.0 credit for each 3 semester hours. Verified by college or university transcript. Issue to appropriate curriculum area.
5.6.F.2Five units of credit may be earned towards a high school diploma through successful completion of the G.E.D. (General Educational Development) test sponsored by the American Council on Education. Successful completion of the G.E.D. itself may be used as a G.E.D. certificate rather than a high school diploma.
5.6.GMilitary Service Credit.
5.6.G.1Three credits maximum for all verified military experience issued as CTE or elective credit.
5.6.G.2One and a half credits maximum for Basic Training
5.6.G.3One credit for each 180 hours of other verified military training, (not to exceed 1.5 credits) verified with from DD214.
5.6.H.1Three credit maximum, CTE or elective credit
5.6.H.2One credit for each 72 hours of approved apprenticeship work performed. Verified by certificate of completion from union or registered work credential.
5.6.IWork experience
5.6.I.1Four credits maximum, including those already noted on transcript for CTE or elective credit.
5.6.I.2One credit for each verified 900 hours of continuous professional employment. 450 hours = .50; 225 hours = .25 credit. Verified by pay stubs or W-2.
5.6.I.3Four credits is the maximum that may be awarded for approved work experience.
5.6.I.4Evaluation of credit and recommendation for a diploma is will be determined by meeting course requirements and at the discretion of the Adult High School director.
5.6.I.5Any exceptions to the above stated requirements are will be on a case by case basis.

5.7Teachers and Counselors
5.7.AAll teachers and counselors in the Adult High School shall be fully certified and approved by the Adult Education Committee.
5.7.BRequests for accommodation per the ADA or Section 504 should be made in writing to the Adult Education Director.