After School Club (ASC)
Program Information


1. After School Club Staff:

Each site consists of a Site Manager and several regular leaders, all of whom are highly energetic and well trained.

2. Session Dates:

I. Sept. 4 – Dec. 20, 2018
II. January 2 – May 15, 2019

3. Program Hours:

2:30-5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
**Note: There will be no After School Club on half days of school. Please arrange for your child(ren) to be picked up ON TIME, this means 5:30 p.m. Be aware that if your child is not picked up on time, we may call the Logan City Police Department and report the incident to the Division of Child and Family Services.

4. Program Activity Schedule (may vary by site or day):

  • Learning Center: Homework help, reading, and educational activities/games.

  • Snack

  • Enrichment/Clubs: Arts, crafts, cooking, science, music, character development, tobacco awareness, field trips, service projects, and guest speakers.

  • Recreation: Team sports, active and passive games, and free choice activities.

5. Checking Out & Emergency Info:

  • In order for your child to leave the program a specified parent/guardian must come INSIDE the school facility and check/sign them out. We will not allow children to wait outside for parents or guardians to pick them up.

  • In case of emergency, a guardian or specified contact needs to be available by phone the entire time the child is at the After School Club.

6. Health Policy:

In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your child, and other children in the program, the following policy has been set. If your child exhibits any of the following symptoms they will be separated from the other children and a parent or guardian will be called immediately to come pick up their child. If your child is unconscious, not breathing, or is having a convulsions we will call emergency personnel first and then contact a parent/guardian.

  • Fever (Defined as a temperature above 100˚ F)

  • Diarrhea or vomiting

  • Sore throat with fever and swollen glands

  • Severe coughing

  • Eye discharge - thick mucus or pus draining from the eye, or pink eye

  • Contagious body rash or yellowish skin or eyes

  • Child is uncommonly irritable, continuously crying, or requires more attention than we can provide without impacting the health & safety of other children in our care.

  • We do not administer any medication to children.

  • Parents/Guardians will be notified in writing (bulletin board, notes home or by the parent newsletter) if there is a documented case of a contagious illness.

  • Children that have had a contagious illness can return to the program after 24 hours have passed and the child is free of symptoms & fever

7. Drug Free Program Policy:

The After School Club is committed to providing a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free program.  After School Club Leaders will enforce the school drug-free zone policy.

8. Attendance Policy:

If your child will be absent from After School Club for any reason you may do one of the following: call the school and leave a message with the secretary to inform the After School Club leaders, send a note with your child of when he/she will be absent, or call the After School Club phone to let the Site Director know. Refer to the monthly newsletter for site specific phone numbers for each program. After School Club leaders will check the school day attendance roll daily. Parents/guardians will be contacted and notified for those children that consistently attend the program and are not at After School Club, but were at school during the day.

9. After School Club Rules:

Children are required to follow the set “Participant Guidelines.” Rules will be reviewed with the
children each day. Children not following the guidelines may be sent home or suspended from the program with no refund. Please see the “Behavior Policy.”

10. Field Trips:

Your child will bring home a permission slip approximately one week before a field trip. Permission slips for field trips must have a parent/guardian signature and be turned in at least one-day prior to the event. Check the calendar and plan ahead for these fun exciting trips!

11. Calendars/Newsletters:

At the beginning of each month the After School Club will post a calendar/newsletter at the sign-out table, as well as post one on this website. These newsletters serve to provide parents  with information such as daily snacks, arts & crafts, activities, monthly field trips, guest speakers, and other miscellaneous information. However, keep in mind the scheduled events are subject to change and the letters are not a complete list of all planned activities.

12. Welcome:

The After School Club Leaders are dedicated to making the After School Club a safe and positive experience for each child who participates. We hope you will agree with us that programs like this are a real benefit to the community! The After School Club would appreciate any parent/ guardian participation in the program such as volunteering time during the program, guest speaking, chaperoning field trips or other special event, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, grievances, or comments about the After School Club policies, program, or staff, please feel free to direct your concerns to an After School Club leader, or contact Darlene Von Niederhausern, Admin. Asst. of After School Club for the Logan City School District, at 435-755-2300 ext 1010.