After School Club Participant Guidelines

  1. When you arrive, sign in on the Yellow Sign In/Out sheet.

  2. Follow directions the first time given.

  3. Remember to use good character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

  4. Always follow the school rules.

  5. Show RESPECT to self, others, and leaders!

  6. Ask a leader for a hall pass to use the restroom.

  7. Always wash hands before snack and any time you have food.

  8. Only leave “Centers” when permission is given.

  9. Use all materials and equipment properly and safely.

  10. Keep all food in the Multi-purpose room/Gym.

  11. While in “Learning Center”: If you must talk, whisper. If you don’t have homework, work on an educational project, read, or complete an activity sheet.

  12. While in “Enrichment/Club Center”: Always respect equipment and clean up tables and floors before moving on to the next center.

  13. While in “Recreational Center”: Be a team player, be positive, have fun, and try all activities.

  14. Always check with your after school leader before you leave. Remember to have your parent or guardian sign you out on the Yellow Sign In/Out sheet.

  15. Be Positive and Have Fun!!