BBF-2 Code of Ethics


The Board of Education is entrusted with the responsibility of providing a quality public education for all students within the Logan City School District; and to act in accordance with state and federal law, board policy, and high professional standards.


Board Members will do their best:

  1. To fulfill their personal and legal responsibilities to the community, the state, and fellow board members;
  2. To strive for public schools which can meet the individual needs of all children;
  3. To seek the true facts in each situation and to vote unswayed by any personal or partisan bias;
  4. To abide by the final decision of the Board;
  5. To remember that as individuals they have no legal authority outside the authorized legal meetings of the Board, and to conduct their personal relationships with the school staff, community, and news media on the basis of this fact;
  6. To avoid any conflict of interest or use of board membership for personal gain or publicity; and,
  7. To strive to be effective, informed school board members dedicated to public education.


Personal Improvement:

    School board members shall continually seek to improve their mental skills, including study, preparation, and planning to enable themselves to better serve their communities.


    The Board and all its members shall be involved and knowledgeable about not only local community education concerns, but also state and national concerns and shall know and be aware that involvement beyond the local community is essential to a strong and productive public educational commitment.

Basic principles and procedures


    Shall be in written form and reviewed regularly by the Board.

Administrative functions:

    Shall be delegated by the Board to the Superintendent or other appropriate administrative staff.


    Shall be adopted, evaluated, and reviewed on a regular basis by the Board with advice of the Superintendent.


    Shall be conducted for all staff. The Board evaluates the Superintendent and Business Administrator. The responsibility for directing the evaluation of all other employees of the District is delegated to the District Administration


    Shall be encouraged with all parts of the community.


    Shall be acknowledged and addressed through procedures and practices adopted by the Board.

Professional development:

    Shall be encouraged for all district staff, including the Board of Education.

Fiscal responsibility:

    Shall be adhered to and any adopted budget shall not result in a deficit, unless permitted by law.

Civil rights:

    Shall be upheld, including equal access and equal treatment of students, patrons, and employees.

Student rights:

    Shall be recognized without discrimination and in accordance with due process of law.