CAD-Revenue and Budgeting: District Audit Committee


The Board of Education shall establish a district audit committee as a standing committee of the Board and shall appoint the members of the committee and replace such members from time to time. The committee shall consist of two members of the Board of Education and two members having appropriate character and qualifications but who are not administrators or other employees of the district.

Utah Code § 53G-7-401(1) (2018)


The audit committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Monitor the internal and external audit process by:
    1. determining the appropriate scope of the independent external audit;
    2. determining the appropriate scope of non-audit services to be performed by the independent auditor;
    3. managing the audit procurement process in compliance with Title 63G, Chapter 6a, State Procurement Code;
    4. making recommendations to the LEA board on the results of the procurement process;
    5. facilitating regular direct communication with independent external auditors;
    6. receiving independent external audit report and financial statements;
    7. ensuring management implements corrective actions;
    8. assessing performance of the independent auditors;
    9. reviewing disagreements between independent auditors and management;
    10. prioritizing the internal audit plan based on risk;
    11. receiving audit reports from internal auditors, contractors providing internal audit services, and other regulatory bodies; and
    12. providing an independent forum for internal auditors, internal audit contractors, and other regulatory bodies to report findings of fraud, waste, abuse, non-compliance, or control weaknesses, particularly if management is involved;
    13. conducting or advising the LEA board in an annual evaluation of internal audit personnel or contractors providing internal audit services;
    14. ensuring that issues and exceptions reported by internal auditors, or other regulatory bodies are resolved in a timely manner;
    15. presenting the audit reports of external auditors, internal auditors or other regulatory bodies to the LEA board;
    16. receiving reports of reviews or audits conducted by the Superintendent and ensure appropriate corrective action is taken in a timely manner; and
    17. advising the local LEA board in the appointment of an audit director or in contracting services for internal audit services in accordance with Subsection 53G-7-402(3).
  2. An LEA shall obtain all audits and financial reports required by Section 51-2a-201.
Utah Code § 53G-7-401(2), (5) (2018)
Utah Code § 51-2a-201 (2017)
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