What happens during the thirteen years that young people spend in public school is critical, even essential to their success and well-being in today’s world. The Core Curriculum has been developed to provide standards and a solid foundation in education for all students. These standards call for understanding of information, concepts, and skills in the content areas of: language arts, mathematics, science, social science and history, the arts, informational technology, healthy lifestyles, and vocational education.

The world of the next century will require less than one-fourth of the work force for the production and distribution of consumer goods and food items. The core standards are designed to prepare students for these changing times that will require knowledge and skills for living and competing in the information age.

To achieve the primary goal of education -- the development of individuals who possess the desire, knowledge, skills, creativity, and human characteristics necessary to enable them to live meaningful and contributing lives -- individual students must be provided learning experiences which develop skills in language, thinking, scientific understanding, mathematics, historical perception, aesthetic appreciation, social interaction, movement, fitness and healthy, and career competencies. The primary purpose of the high school is to provide a challenging, comprehensive, and flexible curriculum which will help prepare him/her to pursue a fulfilling and productive role in society and at the same time, transmit and enhance our culture.

While complying with the mandate and standards of the Utah State Board of Education Core Curriculum, the Logan Board of Education adopts the following graduation and core requirements for Logan High School students.

            Grades 9-12                                                                 26 Units Required

            General Core Required                                                             15.5 units

            Selected Electives                                                                    10.5 units

                                                                                                             26.0 Units

                                                                                                    required for graduation

Required General Core

            Content Areas                                                                        Requirements (Units)

            Language Arts                                                                                  4.0

            Social Science and History                                                               3.0

            Mathematics                                                                                     2.0

            Science                                                                                             2.0

            Healthy Lifestyles                                                                            2.0

            Arts                                                                                                   1.5

            Vocational Education                                                                         .5

            Informational Technology                                                                  .5

                                                                                                                   15.5 Units

            Selected Electives                                                                  Requirements (Units)

            Content Areas                                                                                 10.5 Units

            (Student choice)

            In addition to the General Core, students may elect to enroll in two optional programs of study: College Entry Cluster and Technology/Vocational Cluster.


            The College Entry Cluster is recommended to students who anticipate college/university study upon completion of their high school studies.

            Content Areas                                                                        Requirements (Units)

            Foreign Language                                                                             2.0 (grades 7-12)

            Mathematics                                                                                     1.0

            Science                                                                                             1.0

            Computer                                                                                            .5

                                                                                                                     4.5 Units


            The Technology/Vocational Cluster is recommended to students who anticipate entering the world of work or enrolling at a technical/vocational center/school upon completion of their high school studies.

            Content Areas                                                                        Requirements (Units)

            Business                                                                                  student choice

            Information Technology                                                         student choice

            Home Economics                                                                    student choice

            Bridgerland Area Applied Technology Center                       student choice

                                                                                                                        4.0 Units


            The academic and technology/vocational content area departments exist to ensure that the State Core and Logan High School’s Program of Studies are implemented with respect for “differences” in learning styles, learning rates, and individual capabilities without losing sight of common goals of education. The professional faculty which comprise these departments are committed to creating and nourishing a teaching-learning atmosphere, which promises a high rate of student success and achievement.

            Departments                                                                          State Core Content Area

            Counseling and Media                                                           Counseling and Media

            English                                                                                   Language Arts

            Social Science and History                                                    Social Science and History

            Mathematics                                                                           Mathematics

            Science                                                                                   Science

            Foreign Language/ESL                                                          Foreign Language/ESL

            Physical Education/Driver Education                                    Healthy Lifestyles

            Fine Arts                                                                                Arts

            Applied Technology -- Vocational                                        Vocational/Information Tech

            Special Education                                                                  Special Education

            Athletics                                                                                 Athletics

            Young Mothers                                                                      All Content Areas

            South Campus - Alternative High School                              All Content Areas

Approved: December 10, 1996