Utah Code Annotated 1953, Section 53A-11-802, specifically prohibits corporal punishment by any school employee. The Utah State Board of Education rule R277-608-3, also prohibits corporal punishment and requires local school districts to establish policies, appropriate sanctions and appeal procedures for district employees disciplined under this rule and the corresponding state statute.

Logan City School District adheres to Utah State Law and the Utah State Board of Education rule concerning the prohibition of corporal punishment and establishes policy, guidelines, and procedures for this implementation in the schools.


Corporal punishment is defined as “the intentional infliction of physical pain upon the body of a minor child as a disciplinary measure.” Student means a child as defined in 53A-11-801. (Utah Code Annotated 53A-11-801).


It is the intention of Logan City School District to provide a safe, secure environment for learning. School employees may not inflict or cause the infliction of corporal punishment upon a student who is receiving services from the school.

This policy does not prohibit the use of reasonable and necessary physical restraint or force in self-defense or otherwise appropriate to the circumstances to:

  1. Obtain possession of a weapon, other dangerous objects, or controlled substances in the possession or under the control of a student.
  2. Protect the student or another person from physical injury.
  3. Remove from a situation a student who is violent or disruptive
  4. Protect property from being damaged.

(Utah Code Annotated 53A-11-802)

Procedures for Handling Complaints

The principal or designee shall investigate all reports of corporal punishment committed by school employees assigned to his/her school. Both complainants and respondents may put in writing the details of the incident reported. An investigation may include the following:

  1. Information from students.
  2. Information from employee’s supervisor(s).
  3. Information from parent(s).
  4. Information from employee(s).

If a violation is confirmed, the school administrator shall take prompt actions to ensure against a repetition of the violation. These actions may include:

  1. Inservice training.
  2. A verbal warning against any repetition.
  3. A written warning against any repetition with a copy placed in the personnel file of the employee.
  4. If in the judgment of the principal, the violation is of a flagrant or persistent nature, the incident shall be reported to district level administration who shall take prompt and appropriate action that may include probationary status, suspension with or without pay pending an investigation into the incident, and/or termination for cause.

Appeal Procedure

If either party in a corporal punishment violation incident is dissatisfied with the action taken, a written request for reconsideration may be filed with the superintendent of schools within 20 days of the action taken.

Approved: October 13, 1992