Logan City School District believes that high standards of personal grooming and dress contribute to a positive school climate. The purpose of a dress code is to encourage personal appearance that supports a favorable, positive teaching/learning environment. School dress and personal grooming should be appropriate for the educational experience and school activity. Clothing which does not detract from nor interfere with appropriate school conduct, safety, and participation shall be considered proper school attire.

Personal Appearance and Dress

Adherence to appropriate dress and grooming expectations is the responsibility of the student and parents. Case law provides discretion for building administrators when defining inappropriate dress. Enforcement of the standards is the responsibility of the parents, school staff, and administration. Each school will develop guidelines and implementation procedures under this policy.

Clothing should be neat, clean, and must cover underwear completely. Gang clothing or inappropriate insignias, phrases, or mottos will not be allowed on campus (see Safe School Policy).

Hair should be clean and well-groomed. Distracting appearance and/or abbreviated clothing is considered unacceptable for school wear. Specific clothing items may be prohibited at the school site.

Approved : February 26, 2002