Dual Immersion Application Process

Timeline: Applications open December 2018, close February 15, 2019

Who Can Participate?

The DLI program seeks to enroll students of varying backgrounds and all abilities. Applications are open to all students entering first grade. However, DLI programs may not be an appropriate education option for children experiencing significant communication delays in their primary language.  

How do I apply for a DLI program? 

The online application process for 2018-2019 is now open until February 15, 2019. After February 15, 2019, the Logan City School District will continue to receive applications past the deadline if there are still spots available in the program. If the programs are full, applicants will be placed on the program’s waiting list. 

Bridger Elementary (Spanish) Application Hillcrest Elementary (Portuguese) Application

How are students selected for the program? 

One-Way and Two-way Programs

District personnel, in consultation with schools, will determine the number of spaces that will be available for in-boundary students who are native speakers, for in-boundary students who are not native speakers, spaces for out of-boundary students, and spaces for out-of-district students. The number of spaces available in each category is based on the schools enrollment capacity and may be different at each school, depending on the needs of the school to maintain the traditional and DLI programs. 

In the lottery process, special considerations will be given to: 

  1. Students of parents who were on the original district committee on DLI.

  2. Students with parents that work on staff at the DLI school.

  3. Students that speak, read and write the target language at an appropriate level of proficiency.

  4. Students with siblings currently in the DLI program.

  5. Students who are transferring from an out-of-district comparable DLI program.

  6. Students from within the designated school’s boundary.

  7. Students from within the Logan City School District, but out-of-schoolboundary.

  8. Students out-of-district.

There will be 56-58 student slots available for the maximum of two sections per school. 

Two-Way Program Only:

Students whose home language is the one being taught must fill a minimum of 19-20 spaces.

Responsibilities of Parents

Commit to long-term participation in the DLI program. A parent commitment form must be completed upon acceptance to the DLI program.
Develop an understanding of DLI education.
Read with your child (in English/target language) 20-30 minutes daily.
Encourage the use of the target language outside of school.
Provide community support and, when possible, volunteer.

Conditions for Placement in the DLI Programs in the Logan City School District

  1. As indicated on the Logan City School District website, students will be selected by lottery for the program. The application does not guarantee enrollment in the program.

  2. Parents and guardians are responsible for transportation to the from the school unless the child lives within the school boundaries and is deemed eligible to rid the neighborhood bus.

  3. Parents and guardians will have to sign a commitment document as part of the application process for their child to be considered.

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