2019-2020 Dual language immersion options

The Logan City School District has two DLI Schools:

Bridger Elementary School - Spanish (Application)
Hillcrest Elementary School - Portuguese (Application)

An application process has been outlined in the information below. There will be room for students outside of each school's boundaries if they are interested. Parents would need to apply for school choice at the same time they apply for the Dual Language Immersion program. School choice acceptance will be based upon successful application to the Dual Language Immersion program. School Choice requests for siblings in higher grades will also be accepted.

Parents who have a child starting kindergarten next school year, who want to enroll in the DLI program that begins in 1st Grade, can request School Choice to the kindergarten program in either of the above schools for the coming school year. As a child already attending the school's kindergarten program, they will receive preference for DLI enrollment over any applicants from outside the school's boundary.