EBA Term of Instruction:
School Year

Length of school year

The schools of the District shall be in operation for at least 180 instructional days and at least 990 instructional hours during each school year.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-419-4(1) (October 16, 2018)
Utah Admin. Rules R277-419-6(6) (October 16, 2018)
Utah Code § 53F-2-102(4)(d) (2019)

The required days and hours of instruction may be provided at any time during the school year as determined by the Board. The Board will approve school calendars providing for instructional time and days in an open meeting.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-419-4(2) (October 16, 2018)
Utah Admin. Rules R277-419-11(4)(h)(October 16, 2018)

Beginning Date

Student attendance for the first semester of the regular school term shall be established by the Board pursuant to a calendar adopted annually.

Emergency/Activity Days

The annual school calendar adopted by the Board shall include exigency time for closures for emergencies, activities, or extreme weather conditions. If school is closed for these or any other reason, the instructional time missed shall be made up under the exigency time so that the minimum school program instructional requirements are met.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-419-4(3)(a) (October 16, 2018)

Parent-Teacher and Student Plan Conferences

With Board approval, schools may conduct parent-teacher and student Plan for College and Career Readiness conferences during the day and the time for those conferences may be counted as instructional time up to the equivalent of three full school days or 16.5 hours during a school year.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-419-4(6)(c) (October 16, 2018)