The Utah High School Activities Association was established by the local boards of education of Utah for the purposes of planning, administering, and supervising the activities in which schools participate on an inter-district basis, to stress the cultural values, the appreciations and skills involved in all competitive activities, and to promote cooperation and friendship through those inter-district programs of activities which promote the general accepted objectives of secondary education.

As a creation of boards of education, board members have the responsibility of being involved in the governing of the Association. Board members may, and are encouraged to, serve at every level in the structure of the organization.

The state is divided into several geographical regions; each region is governed by its Regional Board of Managers. The State Association functions through its Board of Trustees which is its policy-making body, and its Executive Committee which is its executive body. In addition to the "Board" and the "Committee", the Association has an elected "Committee" Chairperson of each Board, and an appointed Executive Director, who serves as the administrator of the organization. Each region elects one representative to serve on the Board of Trustees and one to the Executive Committee. Also serving on the Executive Committee is the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The chairperson of each group is elected for two years by their respective board.

Each year the Association supervises activities in which thousands of students participate. The inter-district activities that are sponsored by the UHSAA include athletics, music, speech and drama.

Revised: April 9, 1996