Woodruff Elementary STEM Program

What does it mean that Woodruff Elementary is a STEM School. To put it simply, our students get many chances to see how the practices involved in STEM learning are experienced. Once a week each student from every grade, Kindergarten through 5th, gets the opportunity to spend some time enhancing their understanding of some aspect of science or math that they have learned in their homeroom classes. Then using technology and/or engineering practices the students get to explore these concepts in greater detail and learn how they can apply those ideas to challenges they may face in their daily lives. In addition, the students at Woodruff get to participate in monthly STEM challenges, such as designing a structure to keep a pumpkin from cracking when dropped off the roof. There are also more opportunities for the students to learn when they attend the STEM fair and STEM at Work nights. The STEM program at Woodruff Elementary is a success because of the combined effort from knowledgeable educators, dedicated parents and excited students.