CDC-Technology Partner Purchase Agreement

The District supports personal ownership of the technology devices used for activities in harmony with the district mission.

The District strongly believes the following practices will encourage the best and most cost-effective use of devices:

  1. Providing the same device to the same user.
  2. Allowing users to purchase devices during or at the conclusion of the devicerotation cycle.
  3. Allowing users to bring and use their own device(s).

The District is willing, where circumstances are favorable and responsible for the District to do so, to enter into partner purchasing agreements with individuals for device(s) directly used by said individuals for the functions and operations of the District.


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Partner: any employees or legal guardians of students purchasing an electronic device provided for their use by the District as part of the regular operations and activities of the District.

User: any employee or student using electronic equipment purchased by the District that supports its operations and activities.

Rotation Cycle: the full-intended years a device is to be used in the District upon purchase.

Depreciation Schedule: the fair market value of a device as determined by the District each year during its rotation cycle.

Fair Market Value: a yearly sale value established by the District or the average purchase price of 3-5 vendors for a device of similar age and condition as determined by the District.

Partner Purchasing

The District:

  1. Enters into contracts or agreements with users for devices intended for the exclusive use of an employee or student during the devices’ rotation cycle.
  2. Receives the full value or intended use out of every partner purchased device.
    1. Full use of partner purchased devices occurs when the devices’ rotation cycle is complete or the district receives the full fair market value of a device.
  3. Maintains full rights to property purchased with district funds until contract or agreement terms are met.
  4. Transfers ownership to partners only upon completion of a rotation cycle or when the district receives the full fair market value of a device as determined by the district.

Partner Purchasing Approval

Devices are designated for partner purchase by the administrator or department head responsible for the budget funds used by the District in making the initial purchase.

Devices normally purchased for district operations or activities, and intended for exclusive use by an employee or student are eligible for a partner purchase.

Devices may not be included in a partner purchase at any added expense to the District either due to the term of the contract or at a cost exceeding those normally occurred in supporting district operations or activities.

A contract between the District and the partner must also be signed by the approving administrator and the parent or legal guardian of the student, and then filed with the District IT Department.

Partner Purcahsing Management

An inventory shall be maintained for all partner purchased devices showing the purchasing fund, date of contract, date of purchase, information identifying the specific device, and record number of the contract.

Inventory reports will be available to administrators authorizing partner purchases at least annually or upon request.

Ownership of devices transfers from the District when the terms of the partnership purchasing contract are met.

Administrators or department heads authorizing a partner purchase will represent liabilities associated with partner purchasing contracts in the annual budgets associated with respectively indemnified funds.