Hillcrest Elementary is leading out in innovative ways to educate our students in Cache Valley. Not only is Hillcrest Elementary a Dual Language Immersion and STEM Certified school but we have been also been trailblazing different ways to meet the needs of our students in a variety of ways. One way that we have done this within our school is to give our students the opportunity to help one another, reading buddies can be found throughout our school reading with one another to promote literacy and growth between one another. Our teachers are working with leading researches at Utah State University to promote social emotional success at school as well as STEM Learning opportunities. We are using a screen time and goal tracking system called Habyts in our classrooms that are connecting real time learning to students homes. We also have a weather center partnership in the works with Utah State University. In fact Andrea Melnick was one of the top 5 finalists for the State of Utah Teacher of the Year award this year. Our community connection is second to none, during the summer we had a mobile learning center that went from neighborhood to neighborhood checking out books, doing math practice and science practice with many of our students that are spread throughout the city. We have found our students have returned this year starting in a much stronger place academically than they have in years past. We are excited for all of the cutting edge opportunities available at our school this year. There are much more to come, keep watching our space