SAGE Assessment Q & A


Q:  What is the web portal for the new SAGE Testing?

  • (Portal Access is for: Students and Families; Teachers/Test Administrators; School/District Testing Coordinators; Technology Coordinators)

Q:  When will the training test be available? 

  • Training Tests for SAGE Summative will be released in December in conjunction with SAGE Summative Training.

Q:  Is there a demo we can show parents about what is coming for the SAGE testing with being able to back up their answers?

  • Yes, when training tests launch in December parents and the public can access them through the students/families link.

Q:  When a student logs in for the first time, what is their password going to be?

  • Students must log in using their SAGE login (SSID).  Note:  Students who log in for the first time must also enter their ten-digit SSID into the password field.  Upon logging in, they will be prompted to change their password.  The new password must be at least five characters in length.  (If a student's SSID is less than ten digits, then zeros must be entered at the beginning to make it ten digits long; e.g., 0009999981.)



Q:  During SAGE testing, if students skip to other questions, can they go back?

  • A student will not be able to “Skip” an item.  They will have to respond in some fashion before they can move on to the next question.  They can however go back and change their answers.  Once the student is done testing for that day, their answers will be locked and they will not be able to go back and fix them the next day.  This is for all but the writing.  On writing they will be able to go back and fix their writing the next day.

Q:  What accommodations may I make for a student?

  • For ESL and Special Education students, a plan or IEP must be in place AND a formal testing plan must be approved by the Special Ed/ESL Director for the school year in order to make changes to SAGE summative testing. Please see "Accommodations Policy" at:

Q:  When a teacher is logged in to TIDE and their goal is to check the validity of their students' information, is there a way for them to display their students only?

  • When searching for students in TIDE, there is not a way for a teacher to view only their students.  The only options are by school, grade, individual student and the options within the Additional Search Criteria.

Q:  Can I get a login and password to the training tests yet?

  • Users can currently login as a guest by going to click on Training Tests then select Training Tests again.  This will take you to the Guest User sign in page, or you can click on the following link:  The purpose of the Utah SAGE Training Tests is to familiarize students and teachers with the design, format, procedures, and any necessary accessibility features used for interacting with all of the different types of items found in the SAGE Summative assessments.
  • More details and training for student set up will follow after the holidays or when training links become available.

Q:  What is Test Timeout (Due to Inactivity)?

  • As a security measure, students are automatically logged out after a specified time period of test inactivity.  This timeout also results in the test being paused automatically.
  • Mathematics and Science:  Students will be logged out and their tests paused after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Writing and Reading, Language & Listening:  Students will be logged out and their tests paused after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Q:  I've had materials/displays on my wall all year, do I need to remove them for testing?

  • Displaying materials on walls or other high visibility surfaces that provide answers to specific test items (e.g. posters, word walls, formula charts, etc.) to inflate student scores are unethical practices.

Q:  Can a student have the SAGE test read in their native language?

Q:  Similar Questions

  1. If I notice a concept I haven't taught while the kids are testing on SAGE, is it OK to take a day and teach that concept as long as I don't teach that specific question?  
  2. If I notice a particular procedure or tool they haven't used before (highlighting text or charting a graph), while the kids are testing on SAGE, is it OK to take a day on the training test to highlight those tools they haven't learned how to use?
  3. If a colleague tells me about a particular question or section of SAGE they saw, and I know I haven't taught that yet, is it OK to instruct my students on the concept or procedure prior to testing?
  • The answer is NO - once you begin SAGE testing, it is unethical to provide instruction based on your observations of SAGE that might help the student.  All instructional supports of this kind need to happen prior to the test.  It is also unethical to discuss with colleagues what is on the test, until everyone has completed testing.
  • After everyone has completed testing, it is not unethical for educators to make adjustments to instruction and/or talk with colleagues about strategies for instruction for the following year.