SAGE General Information Q & A

Q:  What is SAGE (Student Assessment for Growth and Excellence)?

  • SAGE is Utah's new computer adaptive assessment system, aligned to the state's English language arts, mathematics, and science standards.  This comprehensive testing system includes summative, interim, and formative components.
  • SAGE, Utah's comprehensive computer adaptive assessment system is specifically designed for educators, parents, and other stakeholders to measure the full breadth and depth of the new Utah Core Standards.  To do so, the system integrates summative, interim, and formative testing in a way that helps teachers design meaningful, targeted instruction.

Q:  What is computer adaptive testing?

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  • An adaptive assessment system will allow Utah educators to more accurately measure the full range and depth of content achievement for all students.
  • Computer adaptive testing employs a software algorithm that adapts the test in real time, responding to the accuracy of a student's performance.  Each question a student receives is dependent on his or her response to previous questions.  This allows the algorithm to more accurately and efficiently determine a student's level of proficiency.

Q:  Is SAGE computer adaptive?

  • Yes, SAGE is an adaptive test.

Q:  What is Summative Assessment and when will it begin?

  • Administered at the end of the school year, a summative assessment gives students the opportunity to display the depth and breadth of their proficiencies.
  • Spring 2014
  • This online adaptive assessment will replace the CRTs and be given during approximately the same spring window.
  • SAGE will include writing, graphing, virtual labs, and other meaningful measures of student achievement.
  • Individual student results will be available immediately.
  • English language arts, mathematics, and science will be assessed.
  • The assessment will support all students with the tools needed for an equal opportunity to effectively access and use the adaptive test without distraction.

Q:  What is Interim Assessment and when will it begin?

  • The optional interim assessments will help parents, teachers, and students know whether students are on the right trajectory for end-of-year success.  These assessment results will help teachers adjust instruction to support student growth.
  • Fall 2014
  • This optional online adaptive assessment is designed to be administered in the fall and mid-year to evaluate student competence with the Utah Core Standards in English language arts, mathematics, and science.
  • Interim assessments will provide immediate results for teachers, parents, and students.
  • Interim assessments will be psychometrically predictive of the summative assessment and utilize the same student interface and reporting system.
  • Use of this system will provide LEAs with accurate fall-to-spring growth data.

Q:  What is Formative Assessment and when will it begin? 

  • Formative assessment guides teachers' day-to-day instruction.  Each student's Formative SAGE results will link to instructional resources to help teachers target and individualize instruction.
  • Fall 2013
  • Teachers can access existing assessment items or create their own to develop formative assessments that align with their instruction.
  • Assessment items will align with a rich bank of lesson plans and instructional resources that educators can use to reteach misunderstood concepts with struggling students, or to enrich instruction for advanced learners.
  • Teachers and students can compile an online portfolio of work to show progress and development over time.
  • The formative assessment system will present items in a manner that matches the interim and summative assessment systems.

 Q:  Where did SAGE come from?

  • The American Institutes for Research (AIR) will develop SAGE for Utah, a leading assessment provider with over 60 years of experience in proficiency testing and adaptive accountability testing.
  • The development of SAGE, including testing blueprints, assessment questions, and online delivery, will result in an assessment system unique to Utah.
  • Parent committees will have the option to review all assessment questions.

  Q:  Where can I learn more?