Textbooks adopted for use in Logan City Schools will follow a uniform adoption procedure. Only those textbooks which follow this procedure and are subsequently adopted by the Board of Education may be used for regular instructional purposes.

The following adoption procedure should be used:

  1. Only textbooks that appear in the current edition Textbook Adoption guide, published by the Utah State Board of Education, should be considered.
  2. Recommended textbooks for adoption will be submitted to the Logan Board of Education annually, at the first regular board meeting in June.
  3. An evaluation of recommended textbooks should be completed on the district evaluation form, considering at least the following items:
    1. Recommended grade level use by the state adoption committee.
    2. Reading level.
    3. Appropriateness for supporting the identified instructional program.
    4. Strength of supportive materials provided for teacher, such as teacher’s manual, spirit masters, etc.
    5. Other strengths or weaknesses as the teacher may note.
  4. The textbook should be evaluated by members of the committee or department identified to use the book, the curriculum coordinator, and at least one outside specialist, such as the state specialist or a university consultant.