Why Learn Portuguese?

  • With over 220 million speakers, Portuguese is the seventh most widely spoken language in the world, and is the official language of eight countries, including Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.
  • Portugal has produced some of the world’s greatest explorers and literature.
  • Brazil’s economy is expanding rapidly (currently ranked 6th worldwide in GPD), and is now the largest economy in Latin America. Many American businesses are eager to hire Portuguese speakers as there is a severe shortage.
  • Brazil is famous for samba and bossa nova music, carnaval, capoeira, and its five World Cup titles in soccer. Brazil is also a major tourist destination, boasting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and the Amazon rain forest.
  • Angola is now the second largest oil producer in Africa and both it and Mozambique are key countries in the region
  • The US Defense Department has just named Portuguese a Critical Language along with Chinese and Arabic.
  • Portuguese is a good springboard to learning other Romance languages; students who speak Portuguese can generally understand Spanish with little difficulty.