BE-Board Meetings

Meeting defined

“Meeting” means the convening of the Board with a quorum present, whether in person or by means of electronic equipment, for the purpose of discussing, receiving public comments about, or acting upon a matter over which the Board has jurisdiction, including a work session or closed session. However, a “meeting” does not include a chance or social gathering; or meetings where no funds are appropriated for expenditure and board members are convened solely to discuss administrative or operational matters which do not require formal action or would not come before the Board for discussion or action.

Utah Code § 52-4-103(6) (2018)

Rules of Order and Procedure

The Board of Education has adopted Rules of Order and Procedure to govern public meetings of the Board.

The Board of Education shall:
  1. Conduct its public meeting in accordance with the Rules of Order and Procedure adopted by the Board of Education; and
  2. Make the Rules of Order and Procedure available to the public at each meeting of the Board of Education, and on the District’s public website.
Utah Code § 53G-4-202(1)(c), (2) (2018)

The Board uses a simplified Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct the business of the Board. The Board values input from members of the community. It is appropriate for members of the audience to make public comment in a board meeting when:

  • There is designated public comment time on the agenda
  • The Board is conducting a public hearing
  • The individual is part of a presentation, identified on the meeting agenda
  • The individual is invited to speak by the President of the Board

The following rules govern public comment:

  1. The Board allows a public comment time at each regular board meeting.
  2. The Board desires to conduct its meeting in an orderly and efficient manner, therefore spontaneous comment or discussion from the audience is discouraged.
  3. Individuals wishing to address the Board list their names, addresses, phone numbers, and the reasons for comment, on the provided sign-up sheet.
  4. Discussion of personnel issues, or asking complex or individual questions that are best left to a personal discussion with a board member or the superintendent are not permitted during public comment time.
    1. 30 minutes is allowed it for public comment time at regular board meetings. Comment by an individual is limited to three minutes.
    2. Comment by a person representing a group is limited to five minutes.
    3. Groups wishing to comment should choose a spokesperson to address the Board.
  5. Citizens and employees are encouraged to comment on the board agenda items via personal contacts, emails, phone calls, letters, etc.

Open to the public

Every meeting of the Board shall be open to the public unless closed pursuant to

Utah Code §§ 52-4-204,52-4-205 and 52-4-206.
Utah Code § 52-4-201(1) (2006)

Public hearing

A public hearing is an open meeting at which members of the public are given a reasonable opportunity to comment on a subject of the meeting. Generally, the Board will determine whether a Board meeting will include a public hearing. However, the Board shall hold a public hearing when:

  1. considering whether to close a school,
  2. changing the boundaries of a school,
  3. submitting a ballot issue regarding bond authorization or a tax increase,
  4. considering the adoption of the District budget,
  5. before authorizing issuance of bonds,
  6. considering changes to the Board member compensation schedules.
Utah Code § 11-14-318 (2008)
Utah Code § 53G-4-402(21) (2018)
Utah Code § 53G-7-303(3) (2018)
Utah Code § 53G-4-204(2) (2018)
Utah Code § 59-1-1605 (2016)

Public recording

All or any part of the proceedings in any open board meeting may be recorded by any person in attendance provided that the recording does not interfere with the conduct of the meeting.

Utah Code § 52-4-203(5) (2018)

Attendance by local government representatives

The mayor of Logan City (or designee) may attend and participate in the board’s discussions in the open portions of the board’s meetings. The mayor may not vote on any issue before the Board and his/her participation is subject to the Board President’s authority to regulate the conduct of the meeting.

The mayor of Logan City may attend a closed meeting of the Board if invited by the Board. Where the closed meeting is held to discuss disposition or acquisition of real property, the mayor may attend if invited by the Board and if the mayor does not have a conflict of interest with respect to the disposition or acquisition.

Utah Code § 53G-7-208(3)(a) (2018)


A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for meetings of the Board.

Utah Code § 52-4-103(11)(a) (2018)
Utah Code § 53G-4-203(5) (2018)

Expulsion of a Board Member

Upon a two-thirds vote, the Board of Education may expel a member of the Board from an open public meeting of the Board for:

  1. Disorderly conduct at the meeting;
  2. The member’s direct or indirect financial conflict of interest regarding an issue discussed at or action proposed to be taken at the meeting; or
  3. Commission of a crime during the meeting.

The Board of Education may also adopt rules that expand the reasons for expelling a Board member from an open public meeting or which establish more restrictive procedures for such expulsion.

Utah Code § 53G-4-202(5) (2018)