BL-Administreative Personnel

Administrative appointment

All administrators of the District will be chosen through a process presented by the Superintendent and approved by the Board. The process may vary dependent on the unique requirements/conditions of the position. The Board shall approve an administrative appointment before an offer is extended. Should a person nominated by the Superintendent be rejected by the Board, it shall be the Superintendent’s duty to make another nomination.


Selection shall be based on written criteria which relate to the position requirements. The selection process shall be uniform, with all candidates for an identified position undergoing the same process. All candidates shall be fully informed of the criteria and procedures associated with the selection process prior to an interview or at the beginning of the interview.


All personnel selected must be appropriately licensed by the State Board of Education to serve in an administrative position requiring licensure before they can receive any salary from the District.

Utah Admin. Rules R277-505 (May 23, 2016)